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Sunday, 6 April 2014

wagamama's with Ellie

Good afternoon all, hope you're enjoying your weekends and are ready for the week ahead! On Friday my best friend Ellie and I went to wagamama, which is the second time I've visited the Japanese restaurant chain. The first time I visited I had the chicken katsu curry which despite its popularity I didn't enjoy at all. I was somewhat nervous about trying their food again, but you shouldn't dismiss a restaurant based on just one dish. When Ellie and I faced the eternal dilemma of 'what are we going to eat', as both of us are stupidly polite and indecisive, we decided to give them another shot.
At first I was planning on having just a few side dishes so hopefully I would like something and it wouldn't be a waste of money. However, as I sat down I noticed a beautiful, and delicious, looking dish on my placemat, the chicken raisukaree, coined as the chefs favourite. When it arrived I nervously took a little rice with my chopsticks (which no, I cannot use properly) and dipped it in the sauce. It was delicious! The sauce was light, flavoured with lime and coconut and the stirfried chicken was tender and perfectly complemented the mangetout and peppers. The chilli, ginger and garlic all helped flavour the dish, but the flavours weren't too overpowering (you're looking at a girl whose eye's start streaming at the word 'spice'). I would definitely reorder this next time I go and the dish has reformed my opinion of the restaurant, remember not to judge something too quickly!
Also photographed above is Ellie's chicken ramen meal (forgive me, I have no idea what it is called) which is her favourite dish at wagamama's.

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