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Thursday, 26 June 2014

local watering hole

Increasingly as I have found certain situations more and more stressful I have felt more and more drawn to go for a walk to clear my head. I am lucky that my mothers home lies about a five minute walk from the river, meaning I walk by it every time I walk my little jack russell (Lily). Due to how warm its been here in the UK the last few weeks I've taken to walking her earlier in the morning before the sun gets unbearable and the area gets overrun with families.

I find there something rather calming and beautiful about this river, and on these walks I find the solitude and tranquillity many desire in our modern lives.

Monday, 9 June 2014

review: mac brush cleanser

A photo of the product from last months haul

My unclean realtechniques foundation brush

A close up shot of the brush before cleaning

Pouring the cleanser onto a tissue

Working the cleanser into the brush

A lot of product coming away

A clean, functional brush

I brought the mac brush cleanser as a last minute after thought when visiting the Westfield store last month. I wanted something to clean my brushes in between deep shampoo cleaning. This product works by pouring it onto some tissue and then working the brush into it; removing the excess product.
As you can see from the above photos; the brush had a lot of excess product on it and so it took a while to remove what I considered to be a decent amount.
All in all, I really liked this product, although it has to be said that this is definitely not a substitute for deep cleaning your brushes! It does however, perform brilliantly if you want to give the brush a quick clean in the morning before you apply your makeup.

Friday, 6 June 2014

spring walk by the canal

Canal boats

A small farm with assorted baby animals

Duck on the canal over the river

Swan family <3

A beautiful old tunnel underneath the canal

Last weekend my dad and I had an hour or two to kill before collecting my brother so we went exploring and came across this beautiful canal. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and everyone we met was in high spirits. It was a lovely little escape and gave me a chance to clear my head before facing a few stressful situations the following week.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

my week in pictures: 01/06/14

So today I will be starting a new feature for my blog which will be up on alternating Sundays called 'my week in pictures'. This is pretty self-explanatory and whilst I do post a lot on instagram (ssophiemay) I don't always put everything there. This is intended to give a little insight to what I'm up to when I'm not filming/blogging/working. Another idea I have been toying with is that of doing a weekly rundown of my favourite fashion looks. Whilst I like the idea of doing this I do not think I will always have enough to put into a weekly post so this will probably happen on a Sunday every month or so.

This week:

Puppies and Pubs

Mumma with her six pups

The puppy on the right is Lola <3

A mini loaf of bread at the pub table

This past Monday was a bank holiday for us in the UK so my brother and I stayed over at my fathers house. In the morning he announced that we (along with his partner and her two children) would be collecting their new sofa. After a lot of moaning and a forty minute car journey we walked into a strangers house and realised that sofa had been parent code for puppy. The black puppy in the pictures above is called Lola and they will be collecting her in about four weeks time. Afterwards we went for a pub lunch and I had to sneak a photo of the cutest little bread board and mini loaf that was waiting for us upon arrival.

Katy Perry at the 02 arena

Arriving at the O2

Where we were in relation to stage

In the first section of her performance

During Katy's acoustic set

I've been a huge Katy Perry fan since my early teens so when she announced that her tour would be stopping at London's 02 in November my friend and I quickly snapped up tickets. I first saw her three years ago at the London Apollo so it was surreal to see her in such a massive venue. We queued up for nine hours and were still on the second row but it was definitely worth it. I'm not ashamed to say I cried on several occasions, particularly through her acoustic set which happened directly in front of where we were standing. Shout out to my friend Becca who almost passed out twice and had to be passed over the barrier, bless her cotton socks.

Wagamama & Maleficent

Double chicken raisukaree

Chester's teriyaki chicken donburi

Chester's rice-wrapped coconut ice cream

On Friday my mother took my brother and I out to see Maleficent and to grab a bite to eat before. We opted for Wagamama as neither had been before and my mother wanted to try what she had seen on my blog previously... We all enjoyed our meals and have decided to visit again soon. Oh, and Maleficent was ah-may-zing and you should definitely check it out if you can. I might have to temporarily relapse my spending ban when the MAC collection comes back in stock as I need more red lips in my life.

I hope you enjoyed my first week in pictures post, if you did remember to follow me on bloglovin' so you never miss a post.
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