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Friday, 12 September 2014

Paris Days Three & Four: Versailles and Flying Home

Day Three

Versailles <3

Marie Antoinette's Bedroom.

Not-so-secret door in Marie's room

Exquisite painting

Versailles Palace

Excuse my person, but what were they thinking with that arch?!!

One of the cottages in Marie's village

Op, there I am again

Day Four
Eiffel barely visible through the rain

The little bottle of Gin they gave my dad

Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, both of which I have been in/on now :)

Buckingham Palace, which I have now been INSIDE OF

After a little consideration I have decided to pop the last two days together in one post as a large portion of day four was preparing to/ and flying.

Day three started fairly well with the exception of me ripping my tights and then having to go on a mini mission to find a new pair. We then got on a train to Versailles which took about 25/30 minutes. We arrived at Versailles Palace about twenty minutes after it opened to the public and were appalled to see a HUGE queue circling round the forecourt despite already having our tickets. I should also mention that the weather was beautiful but very hot sunshine. After two and a half hours of queuing we finally made it inside.

If you want to see decadence to the extreme then this is a must see! The palace was beautiful but insanely crowded making it hard to see everything. If you want to visit Versailles I would say its important to not go in tourist season. We had lunch in the palace café before heading out and exploring the grounds. We then ventured out to Marie Antoinette's little village and farm which I completely fell in love with.

That night after dinner we wandered up to the hotel lounge which had a better view of the Eiffel Tower than our window to watch it twinkle for the last time. (If you listen carefully you can hear me sobbing into my pillow).

The next morning the weather was atrocious so we decided to have a look around the shops again, ending up outside Galeries Lafayette. We had enough time to grab lunch before heading back to the hotel to pick up our luggage so we went into this café on the side of Lafayette. We had a baguette with various spreads including a dark chocolate spread which changed my world slightly. We had a little pastry each and then headed back to the hotel. From there we walked to the bus stop which was slightly dismal as it had begun to rain again. Our journey home was rather uneventful except for when we flew over London city centre and we spotted lots of landmarks :)

Thanks for reading these posts, if you're interested in seeing what I got up to with my mum in London then stay tuned as I will be posting those posts in the next few days.

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