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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Taylor Swift : Style File

I've decided to start a new series on the blog called the Style Files, showcasing some of my favourite looks from some of my favourite people. In honour of her new album and the fact that I am now seeing her tour next June (*SCREAMS*), I have chosen Taylor Swift to have the first style file.

Taylor has nailed both street style and her red carpet looks, exuding femininity and glamour. She says that ''style is such a personal thing: its your way to be an individual''. Her style has evidentially evolved throughout her rise to superstardom, but core principles have stayed the same. She always has an air of sophisticated glamour and she always looks ladylike. Taylor also likes to experiment with her fashion, trying new twists on old classics and changing looks with her makeup and hair styles.
''The colours that defines the emotions that shape us, that teach us things, I think there’s one colour that represents the most important things, and that colour is red''
Premiere glamour
Looking like a professional model in photoshoots
Performing at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Street Style
Stunningly chic
Taylor likes to incorporate colour into otherwise simple outfits
I love a good comfy sweater. In the fall or winter season, the only colours are navy blue, maroon, mustard or hunter green.
Taylor always look well put together
''I think a timeless beauty tip that once was given to me - and it’s never failed - has been focus on whether you’re going to highlight your lips or your eyes. Either a red lip and a simple eye. Or a smoky eye and a sort of pale lip. But don’t try to do both or else you’re going to look like you’re trying to wear too much makeup.''

Exuding Cool
Everyday Glamour
''There's just something so feminine about a dress''
Red Carpet Style
Sexy glamour
New takes on old classics
''Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful''
Punk to Princess
White Midi's work on the red carpet for Taylor
''Happiness and confidence are two of the prettiest things you can wear''

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