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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lily Collins: Style File

Lily Collins is one of my favourite actresses and I've always been obsessed with her style. Over the past few years, she's really experimented with fashion and has taken loads of fashion risks. She can pull off both feminine and masculine fashions, as well as every colour of the rainbow. Her red carpet style is flawless, and I love the way she styles her looks with changing up her hair and makeup.

''I've definitely edged-up my style a little but not for any reason other than I'm experimenting with myself'''.

''For me, red carpet fashion is taking risks while staying true to your own aesthetic. Wearing the clothes, not letting the clothes wear you''.

“There are extremes in California. It’s either very beachy or you get that overly made up, caked-on look. In Europe it seems a lot more casual, with maybe a fun lip color.”

"I guess LancĂ´me has been a part of my transition into becoming a young woman, so it’s amazing to work with them now. Their mantra is just like my own: make-up isn’t about adding things, it’s about enhancing your natural beauty to accentuate what you already have" .

''No, I like to wear as least amount of makeup as I can during my everyday life because I’m just all about keeping my skin healthy and hydrated and I love to laugh and have a great time and smile - that’s when I feel the most pretty so I just want to make sure that I stay happy''.

Lacey Lady

Patterned Princess

''I have some pieces from Topshop or from Warehouse from years ago that have stood the test of time, they are great staple pieces that I love. I’ve always mixed high street with higher end things. I want to feel that I’ve earned the higher end things''.

''I’ve always been a fan of ‘less is more’ - the idea that you can accept a little help to accentuate what you already have and bring out that extra sparkle''.

Monochrome masculine v.s. feminine

"The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful. So embrace it".

''I always wanted tattoos, so this past November, I got two. I got my back done first its my handwriting and it says, Love always and forever".

 “I love pushing the boundaries with fashion. I’m feeling a little bit edgier and sexier”.

''I feel like no matter what you wear as long as you own it and you’re comfortable in it, it will show. You own whatever you wear, you don’t want the outfit to own you. I think I have grown just more confident in knowing my shape and what works on me''.

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