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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Packing for Malta

As you're reading this I'm about to board my flight to Malta with a group of my gal pals. We're not going on holiday, we're going on a field trip with our university to conduct research for the geography element of our degree. However, we were rather excited at the possibility of some warm sunshine to ease our winter blues. Yet, after checking the weather forecast, the reality is we will be travelling from the freezing cold to the torrential rain. 


I have henceforth had to re-evaluate my packing approach, having to prepare for rain, the cold, the warm and making sure everything's appropriate for long days of walking. I have a small case, so I'm trying to keep what I'm taking really basic.

I've organised my essentials (phone, passport, purse etc.) together ready to go in my hand luggage. I'm taking my backpack as its a field trip and we'll be wandering around a lot. This means that I could put a few pieces of clothing at the bottom of my bag, allowing for more to be taken with me.

In terms of clothing, I've packed a couple of dresses, but I'm planning to mainly wear basic tops and t-shirts with my jeans for comfort and practicality. 

For makeup I've been as basic as I physically could be. I have one of everything except for mascara and lip products. I've packed my YSL and L'Oreal lipsticks as well as a few of my (many) MAC's (Ruby Woo, Head in the Clouds, Pink Plaid, Chic & Media).
As you can see, I still have some room where I can slot in any bits and pieces I might pick up in Malta. I'm very excited to explore Malta as I've never been before. Hopefully the weather won't be too awful and I can take some snaps to share with y'all.

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