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Monday, 2 February 2015

Arriving in Malta

Welcome to my first post of four depicting my time in Malta. I'll be posting these over the next fortnight, as they will be alternated with posts surrounding my 21st birthday (WHICH IS TODAY!). 

Today's post shows some of my favourite photos from the first two days I spent in Malta. We arrived in the afternoon and were given a task from the lecturers, meaning we had a quick look at the sea outside the hotel before returning for a meeting and dinner. We were so exhausted we went straight to sleep. The next morning we interviewed the mayor of Valletta (photo above) who was absolutely lovely, and really helped us with our project. After that we spent the day exploring sites for our project and conducting questionnaires.

One of my favourite photo's is the priceless reaction I had when a pigeon was pointed out to be sitting directly behind me. Oh, memories.

See you soon, S x

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