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Friday, 6 February 2015

Five Favourite Bloggers

Now firstly I need to fess up to the amount of girl crushing that has happened in creating this post. It’s almost obscene the amount of love I have for these women. I read many more blogs, all of which are great.  But I challenged myself to choose the crème de a crème, the loss of which, if logging on tomorrow morning I found missing, would cause me actual physical pain.

If you aren't utterly obsessed with these women by the time you've finished here, please head over to their blogs and allow them to convince you themselves. They are talented, sophisticated bloggers upping the game, and they will remain firmly at the top.

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce my five favourite bloggers:

1) Kristina Bazan for Kayture

Kayture is what I like to think of as a 'Princess Blog'. Kristina is one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on, which I always find somewhat depressing given that we are in fact the same age. The photography is beautiful, and Kristina's outfits are always perfection. Her blog has grown from strength to strength, and she is now the golden girl for luxury brands. If my blog is ever half as stunning as Kayture I will die happy.

2) Victoria Magrath for Inthefrow

Oh Victoria, you are my absolute girl crush. I've been following inthefrow as a blog and a youtube channel for a long time now, and I grow a little bit more in love every day. Victoria's trademark purple locks may prove challenging to some, but she styles herself with sophisticated ease. She challenges my thinking in terms of colour and styling and she never fails to put together ensembles which both surprise and delight me. I'm so glad she's made the decision to go full-time blogger this year and I'm excited to see what's to come.

3) Olivia Purvis for What Olivia Did

Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. What Olivia Did has quickly become my new obsession, and I find myself constantly revisiting the site to discover what Oliva has done. Her blog is gorgeous, oozing with femininity and a lady-like grace often lacking in modern fashion. The looks featured are timeless and classic, with contemporary twists to keep them looking fresh. She is my style inspiration, a little pop of glamour in my mundane life.

4) Megan Ellaby for Pages by Megan

Of all these blogs, I discovered Megan most recently, towards the beginning of last year. Pages by Megan has really taken off as of late, with Megan's career as an ASOS stylist putting her at the forefront of the fashion world. Megan exhibits a level of cool that us mere mortals can only aspire to attain. I love how she play's around with all fashions with effortless execution. I look forward to what she does next, and I can't wait to see her angle on the spring trends. 

5) Chiara Ferragni  for The Blonde Salad

Last, but definitely not least, we arrive at the stunning Chiara of the Blonde Salad. She is fashion's It girl of the moment and is taking the scene in her stride. She pulls off any look you can think of, from girly girl to androgynous cool. Chiara has big things coming, and you'll find me waiting for them on the edge of my seat.

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