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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fresh Locks

So for most people, getting a new hair do is, whilst Instagram worthy, not 'a whole blog post' worthy. But I am not most people. That sounds pretentious and elitist, but bare with me. My natural hair is fairly tight, really dark brown curls. All I've ever been brave enough to do is have it cut (after which I have cried every time without fail) and straighten it (which tends to make my hair look like I have static electricity running through my veins). I've been tempted to colour it every shade under the sun, but never, ever have I been brave enough to do so. 

Until last week.

I've wanted to get my hair died ombre for quite some time, and I finally decided to do it. However, after researching local salons, the cheapest price I got back was around £100. I don't have that kind of cash. And so, on a whim after grocery shopping I walked into Boots, picked up some extreme platinum dye and applied it minutes later. It was only when the dye was in my hair I had a moment of panic, but it past pretty quick. 

And so, here is my hair currently:

To give you some context, this is what my hair was like before:

These photos are from just after I finished the process and my hair was all in a tizz.

The next day:

Regrets starting to creep in!

These photo's are from when the hair started to calm down a little:

And this is me this morning (hey)

Whilst my hair isn't the ombre I intended, I'm quite happy with it for now. My intention is to lighten the roots some more in a week or so, but I want to let my hair recover somewhat from the first dying session before I add more.

What do you guys think of the new hair?

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