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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Jennifer Lawrence: Style File

Jennifer Lawrence. Hilarious, Talented. Dedicated. Beautiful. Humble. And a fashion icon.

Despite being vocal on her lack on input into some of her red carpet looks, suggesting they are the work of her stylists, Jennifer has produced some famous fashion looks. She is well known for switching up her style, going through several hair styles in the past few years. With each hair style she changes her fashion looks, from baywatch beauty to punk princess.

''It’s only recently that I discovered the beauty of high fashion and the big designers. The first Dior show of Raf Simons that I went to blew my mind. Suddenly, I felt a desire to embody that definition of a woman, to wear works of art”

''I’m wearing a dress for the Baftas that I was supposed to wear for those awards [SAG awards], but, randomly, my breasts doubled in size the night before, so I couldn’t wear it''

''I just kind of opened up and said, ‘I feel like a rag doll. I have hair and makeup people coming to my house every day and putting me in new, uncomfortable, weird dresses and expensive shoes, and I just shut down and raise my arms up for them to get the dress on, and pout my lips when they need to put the lipstick on''

Red Carpet 

''I’m not good at walking in big dresses, as we know''

''I like the way I look, so if something has to get let out for me to wear it, it has to get let out''

''I really would not call myself a fashion icon. I would call myself somebody who gets dressed by professionals. [It's like], 'Dance, monkey, dance' right on the red carpet.' I would call me more of a monkey''

Street Style

''I never wear makeup. I’m not good at putting on makeup, so I never wear makeup''

''I normally stay in my pajamas forever''

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