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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MAC Cinderella

Good morning and welcome to what has to be my favourite post to ever grace my blog. I've been ecstatic about Disney's new live-action Cinderella film since it was announced and when I heard that MAC was launching a collection alongside the release, I was utterly beside myself. If there are two things in life I love; its MAC makeup and Disney princesses. And so, on a rather grey Friday morning, I found myself waiting outside MAC alongside twenty other MUA's and makeup enthusiasts, eager to get our paws on the products we had been lusting over. Now I have to admit, I spent more than I could afford. The plan was to buy one lipstick and one beauty powder, before getting the rest of the products I desired when I next got money. However, after the speed of the products selling out in the states, and the panicked whispers of girls in the crowd around me, I realised these products would not be sticking around for long. And so, I leave the shop some twenty minutes later with both lipsticks, the beauty powder, iridescent powder and the Pearl Varnish eye gloss. I have to admit, I've sort of been grinning ever since. When I took these products to the library with me to photograph (the lighting at mine is awful recently), all my friends individually asked for a look and swatch of the products.
I love the packaging more than words can describe, and every product is genuinely gorgeous.

So the first two products I'm going to discuss are the beauty powder and iridescent powder. 

Coupe d'chic (the iridescent powder) is a beautiful rose blush with glitter. I've been using this as my blusher every day since I got my hands on it and its probably my favourite, or at least, one of my favourites of the pieces I picked up. The blusher is quite lightly pigmented, which allows you to apply exactly how much you want to wear. It is so beautiful and perfect for an everyday blush.

Mystery Princess (the beauty powder) is a pale silver with glitter. I've been using this as a highlighter, above my check bones. It adds a lovely shimmer although this, like the iridescent powder is lightly pignmented, so you will need a fair amount if you want it to shine through obviously. But as a little bit of natural sparkle this does the job fantastically.

Hello me!

So when I was trying to swatch these products, they were so light with my finger that I couldn't transfer enough of the product to get it on my hand. What's photographed above on my fingers is at least four swipes across the powder. It is easier with a brush though, promise!

Now for the lipsticks, which were what I was originally most excited about. Both the lipsticks are of MAC's lustre formula, meaning that they are quite light and sheer-esque in application, fitting with the natural glam look the collection is aiming for. Royal Ball is a rose colour, matching the Coupe d'chic powder. Free as a Butterfly is a nude. 

My favourite of the two is Royal Ball, as I find it much more wearable for every day wear.

As you can see from the swatches, both shades do come out a little lighter than they appear on the stick, given their formula.

The last product I picked up was the Studio Eye Gloss in Pearl Vanish. I admit this was an impulse buy. I thought it would be nice to have, but I was planning on getting it next month. In the anxiety of the queue, I asked for the gloss, at which point the sales assistant told her colleague that both of the glosses had been sold (Well done Sophie, but can we talk about how my local store only had two glosses sent to them?!).

So the eye gloss is exactly as it sounds, a gloss for your eyes. Its a stunning silver/glitter mix, but the problem I had was with the application. The gloss is super sticky, the kind of sticky that your hair would get stuck in. Applying it was interesting, as was applying eyeliner over it- fyi, only liquid liner would work on this product. The gloss then proceeded to crease on my lid, causing a sticky glossy line. I'm going to do some more research on how to apply this properly, I think because its new to me I've struggled somewhat. If anyone has any tips let me know!

This is also lightly pigmented, see swatch above.

And that's it, all the products I couldn't really afford. I hope you like my review, I waited a few days so I could give them a proper test for you. Let me know which products in the collection you love/ are planning to get first in the comments below!

Sophie x

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