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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Malta's Presidential Palace

To finish off my mini-series of posts from Malta, I wanted to do a small piece on the Presidential Palace. The building is indicative of the inverted architecture often found in Malta, unimpressive from the outside but beautiful inside. You would be forgiven if you walked straight past the palace, (as we did, several times) as the two guards outside provide the only indication of the buildings importance. When my friend and I first attempted to enter, we were informed the palace was already closed for the day, as the President was holding council (or something similar). We returned the next, dreary day and were granted access at a discounted price, being a student has perks on an international basis it seems. 

Upon entry to the palace one finds ones self in a long corridor lined with suits of armor. We looked around for a while, intrigued by the canvases we saw upon the walls. However, the real art was evident when we looked up, with the magnificent detailing painted upon the ceiling. 

The series of state rooms are not extensive, and so we were not in the palace long. It is however, a beautiful space and I would encourage any visitors to Valletta to spend an hour or so at this grand location.

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