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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ten Reasons Why Clubbing Sucks

Okay, I have something to ask. Who actually likes clubbing? Okay, another question. Who goes clubbing sober? And who enjoys it? If you're still answering yes/me, then I'm sure you're a lovely person but we are very different and I cannot understand you at all. Sorry.
Basically, clubbing is pretty sucky and here's 10 (of many, many) reasons why:

1. 11-5AM? They're open at times which do not fit in with the sleeping pattern of modern society.

2. Heat. And sweat. Yes, there are hundreds of people dancing in cramped spaces. But you shouldn't have to leave the club looking like you've just swam the English Channel.

3. Expenses. You have to pay for taxis, entry, drinks, probably a new outfit and probably some awful food from a truck parked up on the side of the road (which has probably given you food poisoning but the alcohol makes you so sick you don't actually notice). One night can cost anything from £10-£500, depending on where you go, what you drink and whether you accidentally brought your credit card with you. Oh, and depending how much you drink, you probably won't remember the night anyway.

4. Cleanliness. Ever heard of it? The amount of times I've walked across a club floor and I've walked out of my shoes is ridiculous. They literally get stuck to the decaying alcohol. 

5. What you're playing isn't music. The drum and bass house white noise thing is only appealing when you are full of alcohol or drugs. And, from what I've seen, even that's not enough. Play songs that are actually popular

6.Chairs. A girl needs a rest when she's gone hardcore when Taylor Swift's finally been played

7.A waste of effort. You spend hours on your hair, makeup, picking an outfit, to spend the evening in darkness and have your makeup slide of your face with sweat within ten minutes

8.Heels hurt. And if your like me and don't wear them, you won't be able to see a thing

9. Sexual Assualt. Guys, if you touch any part of a woman or her clothing without her permission, this is SEXUAL ASSAULT. Stop it. The majority of women can't make it five steps across the dance floor without being touched inappropriately.

10.You can't talk to your friends. You want to spend time with your friends. That's why you've come out with them. But you can't hear a word they're saying. 

What do you hate most about clubbing? Let me know in the comments. 

Soph x

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