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Friday, 3 April 2015

March Favourites

Welcome to April folks, hope you managed to escape most of the April fools pranks! This month's favourites is decidedly non-beauty, as my massive splurge on the MAC Cinderella collection left little money to be spent on non-essential items!

My main favourite this month is CINDERELLA. Just everything Cinderella. We all love Disney princesses when we're growing up, but I am still to outgrow this phase. Naturally the release of the live-action film had me excited beyond belief. 

The film itself was utterly stunning, you can read my review here.
The MAC makeup line has stolen my heat, especially the iridescent powder which I've worn each day since. You can read my review here.
Finally my last Cinderella favourite is Cinderella herself, Lily James. Her red carpet extravaganza in the lead up to the release had me utterly beside myself with envy.
My next favourite also appeared on last month's favourites, The Fall. I've now finished series two, bringing me up to date. The second series was just as incredible as the first, with the added gorgeous bonus of Colin Morgan <3. I'm so happy series three has been commissioned, I can't wait to see what the writers are creating!
My final favourite of the month is Once Upon A Time. I've loved this show for years, but here in the UK we stopped receiving episodes after season two. This month Netflix uploaded seasons three and most of four, which I am happily marathoning my way through. This show is utterly beautiful and if you aren't watching it already you ought to be!
Hope you've had a wonderful March, let me know you're favourites in the comments.

Soph x

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