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Monday, 29 June 2015

Taylor Swift Jumpsuit

Hi all! On Saturday I went to see Taylor Swift at Hyde Park, which was the most insanely cool night of my life. We sang and danced to Rae Morris, Vance Joy, John Newman and Ellie Goulding before the Queen of pop graced the stage. Her performance was amazing and the night was full of monumental moments, like when Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Serena Williams and Cara Delevingne did the catwalk during 'Style'. Seriously. It was awesome. I vlogged a bit, which you can see below if you'd like.
But anyway, in this post I wanted to share my outfit with you. As I'm pretty insecure about my body, this isn't something I've done before. But I love this jumpsuit, and I love the memories I made in it. This wasn't what I planned to wear to London. I spilled foundation down my top (for the millionth time) and went into an absolute frenzy trying to find something to wear. In the end I tried this on, and whilst I thought it would look better after losing a few more pounds, I thought I would be brave and go with it! The jumpsuits from New Look and I thought the rustic colouring went well with my hair and skin tone at the moment. I wore my Next shoes and an anklet and earrings from Accessorize. I hope you like it!
I'm off to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in the morning (yipee!) so I'll make sure I'll get my photo's up soon! Follow my instagram or add me on snapchat (sophiemnewbold) to keep up with me.
Soph x

Monday, 22 June 2015

Introducing Wilbur

I filmed a little video over on youtube to formally introduce you all to my pygmy hedgehog Wilbur! Hope you enjoy! Send me any questions you may have :)
Soph x
Oh, and I've popped some other photos of Wilbur below. Just because.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Ladies Day: Royal Ascot

For my 21st birthday my dad took me to Royal Ascot with his partner and daughter. I've never been to Ascot before, or any kind of horse racing, so I was excited. I'm not sure what I expected, but the reality was a thousand times more exciting. The whole thing is just vast. Instead of the marquee I expected, the Grand Stand was more like a modern football stadium complete with restaurants and champagne bars. There are people everywhere and the atmosphere was absolutely euphoric. Everyone was dressed up in their finery and looked wonderful. The weather was absolutely beautiful, Olivia and I actually ended up with sunburn (remember your sun cream kids!). We sat on the lawn next to the race track and ate, drank and laughed all afternoon. As for the races themselves, they were amazing to watch. I bet on four of the six races and won two, doubling the amount my dad had given me in flutter money for my birthday. The friends we sat with won about four races and I reckon they must have made at least £250. Sidenote: I can absolutely see how easy it is to get addicted to gambling. Have caution when partaking guys! We saw the Queen a few times when she was arriving with the rest of the Royal Family. After all the races finished, we stood around with everyone singing around the bandstand (how British).
In short we had the most incredible time. I've already asked for us to go next year! Hope you enjoy just a few of the hundreds of photos that we took!

My outfit: Dress- Ted Baker (similar here), Shoes- Next, Fascinator- TK Maxx, Bag- Primark.

Soph x

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Sibling Test

Filmed with Chester again! We asked each other questions about ourselves the others should know, and if we got it wrong we had a little flour punishment! Check it out on youtube below.
Soph x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Favourite Bloggers: Hair and Beauty Edition

Following my previous post on my favourite bloggers, I realised that I had only mentionned fashion bloggers. Henceforth, I've created this hair and beauty edition to give the #bbloggers and #hbloggers some love. Let's get started!

Barefoot Blonde

Amber Fillerup Clark is one of my all-time favourite bloggers. She's a lifestyle blogger, posting fashion, beauty and the most stunning photo's of her gorgeous family. But what Amber really excels at (in my opinion) is her hair styles and tutorials. She creates braids that would make Rapunzel jealous and executes the look perfectly alongside her flawless feminine style.

Linda Hallberg
Linda Hallberg is my go-to makeup inspiration. She posts new looks on her blog daily, showcasing her flawless talent and effortless application. I can spend hours upon hours scrolling through her archive looking at all the beautiful looks she creates. She mixes up her look constantly and exemplifies how creative you can be with makeup.

Dressed in Mint
Agnieszka Janoszka is a beauty blogger who I am sure you've come across if you've spent enough time on Pinterest. Now I must confess I don't understand her at all, as the only language I speak is English (with a smattering of French). Luckily, her looks speak for themselves. She creates the most stunning eye looks, and she also loves getting creative on her lips.

Lashes, Love and Leather
Melrae is a gorgeous beauty blogger who always looks flawless. Her looks are all over Pinterest and its clear to see why. Melrae's eyes are incredible, and she creates the most beautiful makeup looks for them. 

And that's it for today's post! I hope this provides you with some new content creators to follow!

Love, Soph x
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