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Monday, 13 July 2015

pinterest obsessed

When pinterest became all the rage, I resisted with the will that only a mis-informed teenager could. From my perspective at that time, it appeared to be tumblr with a cleaner interface so as to lure adults into its grasp. As I long-suffering tumblr addict, I found myself protective for my beloved site, which had allowed me to live 'vicariously' through the pretty photoshop edits made by other, more talented teens. At some point I realised that my boycott was futile and, frankly, peculiar and so created an account to test the waters. Now, I use pinterest for so many things I can't list them all on my fingers. I plan my dream wardrobes, find stunning beaches I can't believe truly exist, exclaim over the talent of makeup artists and attempt (and fail) to imitate their looks. I plan my future life to ridiculous extremes, from my dream home, to the wardrobes of both my husband and children.
I know. 
Basically, the boards you create can be a limitless source of eye-opening inspiration. Today I've selected a few of my favourite and most commonly used boards to share with you. I hope you enjoy them!
My profile and my main boards.

places to go
It should be pretty evident why this board is added to on a daily basis. As someone with a wicked case of wunderlust, yet living on a student budget, I explore the world virtually. I've picked out my next destination (hello Amalfi Coast) and the board will hopefully keep me inspired to save so I may one day experience the beauty for myself.

evening inspiration
I split my two generic fashion boards in two, one for daily inspiration and this one, for more glamorous evening looks. Frankly, this board contains mostly couture, designer gowns which cost thousands apiece, and so the likelihood of me ever wearing any of them are about a thousand to one. Yet its value lies in the inspiration it gives me. I can explore the pieces I could get the most usage out of, plan which would suit my colouring best. And, most importantly, inspire me to work hard so I can afford to dress like the princess I am inside!

''Sophie's put underwear on the internet again!'' Yes, this is a more risque board, but its one of the most important I have. I have an intense addiction to beautiful underwear and I use this board to discover dream pieces. The sad truth is that, as a, um, curvier woman, the majority of these pieces stop several cup sizes before my own. However as I lose weight and my monstrous chest decreases, the excitement of being able to purchase stunning bras and bustiers provides valuable motivation.

home decor {luxury}
I have two boards for home decor. One which is fairly standard, full of affordable ideas of how to beautify my home. And then there's this one. Full of mansions and chandeliers and underground pools that have me drooling onto my keyboard. You know that saying, ''I've never been rich but I think I'd be good at it''? Yep. That's this board.

The last board I've selected is probably my most individual and intimate one. As you may know, I begun writing a novel in November and have always loved writing in general. As the worlds I create are fantasy, I have to work harder to describe them to the reader. The pins in this board help me do this, or provide ideas to incorporate in text.
I hope these boards have offered you some inspiration for possible boards on pinterest, or, if you are one of the few souls who are yet to have a profile, have aroused interest in creating your own virtual moodboards.
If you'd like to follow me on pinterest, check me out here.

Sophie x

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