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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Pretty Packaging Conundrum

So I have a question. Who else has brought something they probably didn't need, but the packaging was so gorgeous they couldn't leave it be? Who has spent money they didn't have in a panic over limited edition products with beautiful packaging?
Evidently, I am guilty of the 'packaging pull'. In several cases, I didn't know enough about the products to know whether they were worth having, but the packaging, or product itself (hello Soft and Gentle) was stunning enough for me to part with the cash. 
I brought my first YSL lipstick when I was 18 with the money I had earned from bussing tables. I sat upstairs in the restaurant before my shift, and all the girls came over and took it in turns to inspect the trademark packaging. I didn't know anything about YSL products, apart from the fact that they were gorgeous. 
I find myself particularly vulnerable to MAC's limited edition collections, which are always so pretty. I spent way too much money on the MAC x Cinderella collection. I brought the products because they were for the film, but lets be honest, the pastel and gold design won me over. Last year, I came this close to paying £40 + £5 packaging for the limited edition Maleficent lipstick on eBay after MAC sold out before I got my hands on it. I regretted my bid immediately as at the end of the day, it was just another red lipstick. Fortunately for me, I was outbid within minutes, meaning I'm not the only one with this problem.
At Christmas, I lost my mind over the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection. I didn't even look at which brushes they were, other than the fact that they were insanely beautiful.
Luckily, most of the products I've bought in this way have been great, but it's still a risky business. Whilst we should probably all be paying money for the products that work well, there's no denying that packaging is a factor we consider when shopping. I guess the question I'm posing is to what extent we should let packaging influence our purchasing?

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, as well as if you have ever brought something just because it was gorgeously packaged!

Soph x

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