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Monday, 24 August 2015

A Televisual Marathon

Welcome to my world. I may blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle but what distinguishes me among my friends is my obsession with TV. When I'm not in lectures, the library or the gym there's a very high chance I'm in bed, marathonning my new favourite show. This isn't exactly anything new, when I was younger I spent all my Christmas and birthday money on box sets of my favourite shows. However, with the likes of Netflix and Sky Go readily available, I can watch something completely new within seconds of discovering it.
For today's post, I thought I'd share some of my favourite shows; and why they're perfect for your binge watching purposes.
For those of you seeking a laugh or two, I have so many recommendations. I've watched all six seasons of Community four times since March. I'm willing to admit that this is becoming an issue. The show is so cleverly written and borrows from various genres and pop culture, meaning it never gets old. #sixseasonsandamovie.  For fans of slightly more subtle comedy, check out The US Office. The original UK version was great, but for once the adaptation for American audiences managed to reach a whole new level of hysterical. Fellow Brits will love Gavin and Stacey and the Vicar of Dibley. Gavin and Stacey is a modern classic created by the now infamous James Corden and Ruth Jones. Its the most honest and relatable comedy there is.
The Vicar of Dibley may be over, but you'll find constant reruns if you look. We follow Dawn French as she arrives in the village of Dibley as the new, shock horror, female vicar. Other shows guaranteed to have you laughing are Modern Family (you'll be floored by Phil's one-liners), New Girl (relatable to all women everywhere), the Mindy Project (Mindy Kaling is a hysterical goddess), the Big Bang Theory (scientists can be funny, who knew?) and Friends (which, despite constant reruns, never seems to get old).
To those searching for something that will keep them engaged with twists that will shock you, I present to you Pretty Little Liars. This show is so addictive you'll find yourself trapped in a labyrinth of secrets, lies and disguises. I watched all 131 episodes in 4 weeks. But beware- this show is likely to give you serious trust issues.
If you're a fan of period drama, the latest adaptation of Poldark is wonderful. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Cornish coast, the series follows the noble and brooding Poldark. Its sole fault is the increased public adoration of Aiden Turner. Back off ladies, he's mine. Another period drama of note is the Musketeers. Starring some of the most ruggedly handsome men in Britain, this show provides a fresh perspective on the classic tale. Oh, and the gowns are incredible.
Some dramas are made for the shock and revelations first-time viewers experience. Broadchurch was an absolute phenomenon here in the UK. Its essentially a series long investigation to find the killer after a young boy is found dead on the Cornwall coast. Trying to guess who the killer is will driver you bonkers. Everyone seems so guilty. The Fall is an atmospheric show starring Gillian Anderson as a detective investigating a serial killer. Both her and Jamie Dornan's performances are incredibly powerful. Smart, sexy and suspenseful. If somewhat creepy is your thing, check out Luther. We follow John Luther aka the formidable Idris Elba. Luther has a good heart and 'interesting' methods in delivering justice. Each case is terrifying, sickening and smashing TV.
If escapism is what you seek, Game of Thrones will transport you to the world of Westeros. Whilst this show may have dragons and giants, its the compelling drama of the battling families that will make you care who sits upon the Iron Throne. Fact: you will get invested. Fact: you will be devastated when your favourite characters are harmed. Fact: these attacks will feel like a personal attack on your soul. To those seeking something a little more fairytale, Once Upon a Time is what you seek. The premise behind this show is fantastic, and Disney's backing makes the retelling of these stories magical. It's got all your favourite fairytale characters, along with the most beautiful princesses and dashing princes you'll ever see. Captain Hook wears leather and guyliner: and it TOTALLY works.
I don't think I've ever cried as much as I did during the last episode of Merlin. This adaption of Authurian legend sees Arthur, Merlin and the gang start off in their early 20s. The show is a beautiful BBC blend of drama, magic, humour and action. Five seasons was not enough.
In the realm of sci-fi we have the still-going-strong Doctor Who. With over fifty years of episodes to wade through, this is likely to keep you busy for some time. My favourite seasons are 4 and 5, with the hysterical Catherine Tate and stubborn Scotswoman Karen Gillan. Potentially the only show able to get away with a flying wasp the size of car and vampires that are actually fish that are actually aliens. Gold.

The final and most recent programme I'd suggest catching up on is channel 4's Humans. The show is about a group of 'synths' (intelligent, human looking robots) who have been given consciousness by their creator. The drama is incredibly written, acted and perfectly executed.
Rather worryingly, this isn't a comprehensive list of my favourite shows. There are many more. But for now at least, this should be enough to keep you going for some time. Let me know you're favourite shows in the comments below,

Soph x

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