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Monday, 28 September 2015

Autumnal Makeup

If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat, you may have noticed that recently, my makeup has stayed exactly the same. When I was at home this summer, I filmed so many tutorials that all turned into disasters. I normally post them, even if they aren’t great as I’m not an MUA so they aren’t going to be perfect. But these were so unbearably awful that I couldn’t face showing them to anyone at all. It knocked my confidence, and I felt like I was just completely awful at everything makeup and I shouldn’t even try anymore.
The other week I was getting ready and I thought I may as well have a play around with some eye shadow as I was only planning on nipping out for a coffee and then spending the rest of the day in my room. I really loved this look that I came ip with. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t filming and I wasn’t putting any pressure or expectations on myself. I really love this look and I've now filmed a tutorial for it, which will be live on Wednesday. I just wanted to share these photos with you now because I love it so much.

Sophie x

P.S. Please excuse my overgrown brows, I'm trying to decide whether I want to grow them out or not. Let me know what you think I should do!

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