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Monday, 2 November 2015

Best of Vlogtober

Hello November! I've only had one day without vlogging so far and it still feels weird. I keep reaching for my camera whenever something happens, and going to bed last night without wishing you goodnight felt plainly wrong. But whilst I'm missing sharing my life with you guys, I do feel a little less stressed now I don't have to edit & upload everyday! I've decided to make a masterpost from vlogtober, as I know its hard to keep up all the daily vlogging going on in October.
31 vlogs are, obviously loads, so I've cherry picked my five favourites to let you see the best of what I got up to, as well as the important, difficult moments I faced.
General Joy
What I've loved most about Vlogtober is being able to see all the amazing times I've had, and look back at all the smiles. From the endless starbucks trips and giggles with the girls, I've had many moments of joy this month.
Mental Health
But its not all been rosy. Vlogging every day means you see the rubbish days which normally get hidden. And, there have been a lot of moments of suffering this month. Upon reflection, my deterioration is obvious, and you can tell a breakdown was going to happen. Since then I've still been low, but I'm proud of the battle I've been fighting against my depression and anxiety. Sharing this with you was hard, but your support has been overwhelmingly kind and I cannot thank you enough.
Which vlogs were your favourite this month? Let me know in the comments so I know what you guys like seeing! I won't be vlogging much this month, but I'll be everyday in December for Vlogmas! Until then vloggers x
Sophie x

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